Monday, March 15, 2010

Women Need To Love Not To Hurt

Women Need To Love Not To Hurt

From my last post (Dont Trust Girl @ Women),i`m not blamed girl or women.
"Actually girl is amazing and greet for me.. From the bottom of my heart i really put all of my respect on girls".There are a lot of things women can do that men can`t.

Get pregnant: Sure, guys contribute but
they’ll never get as close (literally!) as women get to our own babies.

Have multiple orgasms:  No need for women to wait and  reload.Women are capable of experiencing orgasm within seconds of the previous one, unlike men who really need a good recovery time in between each orgasm to perform sexually.

Live longer:  It’s a fact, women live five to ten years longer than men.Plenty of time to take a few more vacations, have a few more orgasms, and maybe hook another hubby.(if i`m wrong please comment to make it correct correct)
Lets talk about pregnant.How if man get pregnant?

** Dont Trust This Picture.. Seriously Real man cannot do that..
I Found this Picture over the internet..

Women is the special creatures god made.Try to love each other.
Perhaps, it is the most romantic thing that can happen to anyone.
It makes people lose their heart and mind within a matter of several seconds.
 Love is a very strong emotion which, sometimes, is even impossible to control.

The other side why so hard for me to understand women? give me tips guys?

Please Comment your opinion and correct me if my opinion is wrong..TQ..

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