Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Secret Feelings

 The Secret Feelings
Here i am again  Well itz been a long time i didn't write a blog. I still remember when is the last time i wrote a blog about it doesnt matter all that im gonna talking about is this topic..


Have u ever feel a feeling that u didn't even expected will come in ur mind? Sometimes we even miss someone who hurted us so bad.. Even when he/she hurted u,still suddenly u miss him/her  And even u realized someone is realy upset with you,with a smile ur thinking of them..
Well there is also a day u will gonna cry for sumone who is nt belong to u anymore,or crying to regret shits u have done to sumone.. U know there wil be sometimes you mad at someone,or even fall in love when you thinking about him/her.. Ths is not new but how if you crying for someone who is supposed  belong to you but only you feel that while he or she is
happy with someone else? What if the one you cried for is crying for someone else and not for u? With a silent whisper u wish to have them again but they intent to get rid of u..
Even for a long time u haven't think of him/her but sumday he is crossing your mind..And what u will gonna do that time?? 
Well no matter wht your feeling is,it's about time for us to know feeling is smething that didnt expected.It is not planned and you can't avoid it or gonna lose it.Everyone have their own feelings and it will happen continuesly.Only time,will determine whether thats feeling is right or juz wana hurt u.And only fate,can tell you the way you get when you start to feel something..

Ohh as long as we are still alive,isnt its better to have a feeling rather then be a heartless and feelingless.. Cuz feeling is not a sin,only the way we react on it wil bring us to a wrong or ryt way.. Whn you stil have a heart,why dont u take care of it and dont let this heart taken away while ur trying to take care of a heart of someone who doesnt deserve.. Allahualam!!


koala^bear said...

ehem ! :)

Anonymous said...

i always get that feeling and i hate it . btw , nice entry :)

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