Friday, March 12, 2010

My Life S.U.C.K

My Life S.U.C.K
Well,Life is difficult. The fallacious thought is that we can change that. In accepting that life indeed is difficult, we begin to make it less painful...not less difficult. Accept that life is full of difficulty and choose the religion, belief system, or substance to ingest to decrease the pain; that is after all what the rest of us do. Life DOES suck, deal with it.But... the problem in how??Do you have an idea?Who can give me an idea? I Need To Think it Myself? ohh.. Hell No!! I Have No Idea With This Life..

** I Found This Pic Over The Net..
What Are You Believe About Your Life?
By Da Way,i Believe that some things can pass with time. There will be a tomorrow. There will be a next week. There will be a next month and perhaps by then, things will have changed for the better.
That Is Our Reason Why I`m Still Here For Blogging..
Life Must Be Go On My Friend..
Enjoy Your Beautiful Life.. :)

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